Gnutizen is a Gnutella servent (server/client) in development. The primary audience for Gnutizen right now is not the normal user looking for a Gnutella program, but the C developer who wants to look over the source code. Users seeking a Gnutella servent should download Gnucleus or GTK-Gnutella, or some other functioning production Gnutella servent which is already up to the Gnutella RFC draft specification.

Gnutizen is for developers to look at, play with, code for, give feedback on and so forth. We are getting the core code up to the RFC draft specifications, working on the UI interfaces and so forth. Gnutizen can connect to the Gnutella network, search for a file, get responses for perusal, and download the files chosen. More work needs to be done before it can be put into production and released to the public however. One reason for this is good netiquette relating to the Gnutella network - we want to make Gnutella better, or at least do no harm, we don't want to be yet another broken, non-contributing servent cluttering the network.

You can check out our project. Gnutizen is written in C and geared towards both the Linux OS (and eventually the GNOME GUI) as well as the Windows OS running on an Intel chip. We have also run Gnutizen on other OS's, and other chips.

You can send e-mail to jamesconnolly at users dot sourceforge dot net, or you can post to the message boards.

August 2005 update: Pong sizes seen on the network have increased since February, so Gnutizen has increased the pong size that it allows as well.

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